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RTP Establishes Guidelines for Theatre Goers’ Safety

Because Richmond Triangle Players cares about the health and safety of patrons, staff, and artists, additional policies have been enacted address the dramatic rise of COVID-19 in our region, which will take effect August 3, 2021:

  • All of RTP’s staff and artists, as well as the volunteers you encounter at the theatre, adhere to a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy. Due to the recent rise in infection rates in our region, and for the safety of everyone at RTP, we now must require that everyone attending performances of The Pink Unicorn also be fully vaccinated, or be able to show proof of a recent (48-hour prior to arrival) negative Covid test.
  • Please bring a copy of your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card or test statement (or a photo of the same on your phone) so that it can be checked at the door prior to entering the building.
  • If you forget to bring proof of status with you, we will happily exchange your ticket for another performance. As always, if you are feeling sick or symptomatic, we ask that you stay home.
  • Richmond and Henrico Health Districts now recommend everyone wear a mask indoors while around others who are not a part of their household, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. We ask that everyone inside our building wear a mask, regardless of status. You may lower your mask while seated to enjoy your cocktail or other drink.

All activities and precautions are being taken in accordance with advice from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Department of Health, and the CDC. For more information, please feel free to contact Richmond Triangle Players.

In addition:

  • Seating: We are currently playing at our full reserved-seating capacity. However, your safety is our top priority, and we will continue to monitor and update our plans as the ongoing situations require.
  • Sanitation and social distancing: We will continue to make operations as touch-free as possible, and will continue to offer our mobile bar-ordering app. Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building, and we will be asking our patrons to keep a respectful social distance from others wherever possible.
  • Flexible ticketing: We will offer a fee-free exchange or full refund of your tickets until the day of the performance if you or any member of your household are not feeling well and cannot attend the performance.
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