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In the Beginning…

In 1844, evangelicals in England founded an organization meant to attract young, often wayward men into Christianity through social events and Bible study groups. A decade later, in 1854, a branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association, or YMCA, was established…

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The New Mayberry

Stepping out my front door on a sunny afternoon sometimes feels like I’m stepping into Mayberry. Children are riding their bikes back and forth, parking them lawn-side (okay, throwing them down on the grass), and running around with their neighborhood…

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RVA Gets Busy!

Starting and sustaining a business can be challenging for anyone, but what does that look like when its owners are a couple? According to a survey of business owners by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than a quarter (28.2 percent)…

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Green Tech at Home

Still reeling from the power bill you got after this winter’s brutal temperatures? No doubt, a lot of Richmond area residents are re-thinking their home’s insulation, at the very least. I know I am. I’ve also learned that a lot…

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The Insiders

Every parent of all girls or all boys has all kinds of ideas about why that particular arrangement is preferable to another. That’s just what we do. As the mother of three daughters, or a girl-maker as I have referred…

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5 Simple Steps

As an elementary school teacher, my classroom was always described as organized. Friends who came over and happened to see my pantry couldn’t believe how food was in labeled containers. If a family member or friend needed help getting an…

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Much Ado About Maggie

Today I would like to introduce Maggie Mollie Mostly Muppet Mighty-Mop Moore. You may call her Maggie. Maggie is sixteen weeks old. Maggie is a labradoodle. A labradoodle, is, obviously, a dog breed created in a lab. Maggie traces her…

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Winter Weather Update

A severe winter storm could knock out power to your home for days. Are you prepared? Extended power outages are more than inconvenient. During very cold weather, your family’s safety could be at risk. If possible, stay in a place…

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