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Robin Farmer is a freelance journalist who enjoys writing stories that engage, educate, and empower readers. A screenwriter and poet, she resides in Hanover County with her husband, Mike, and a YA novel-in-the-making.
Everybody Loses, Everybody Wins!

While weight loss tops most New Year’s resolutions, one Richmond-area family of five is kicking off 2018 with an incredible head start: They’ve already lost a combined total of 398 pounds. “We’ve lost [the equivalent of] a whole person, as each…

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Christmas Mothers in July

When asked to serve as the 2014 Christmas Mother, Maya Smart initially demurred, saying the timing wasn’t right. In fact, it was long overdue. The selection of Smart, thirty-four, propelled…

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Next Stop Richmond!

Richmonder Michael Robinson's journey to the pinnacle of professional football began when he was five. From then on, he found himself on a team striving for excellence. The standout student…

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Hands-On Driving

Few actions we undertake on a daily basis are as dangerous as just plain driving a car. If the driver is distracted – by eating, grooming, talking on the phone,…

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High Seas Discovery

Life moves at warp speed. One day my niece, Bianca, two, wants to sit cheek-to-cheek with me and watch television, her chubby arm too short to hook around my shoulders.…

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Share and Care Alike

Caryn Boehm of Henrico County had not heard the term “collaborative consumption,” although her lifestyle defines it. Environmentally aware, Boehm uses Craigslist and other digital resources to save money and…

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